At Julián Soler we believe that our company must go beyond the business activity and must provide a service to society. The VIDARTIS project combines agriculture and art using the natural coloring of grapes as pigment, through different techniques of graphic expression. Nothing but grapes for all the senses. If you want to know more

On November 16 we had a very special visit at the Julián Soler facilities in Quintanar del Rey. José María Fresneda, the president of ASAJA, the largest professional agricultural organization in Spain, came to meet our VIDARTIS research project in person. The VIDARTIS project, led by Ana Soler, our Quality Director, aims to study must

Vidartis is an innovative project that fuses art and agriculture, from the use of grape juice concentrate as a pigment. In this way, it is used in different techniques of graphic expression. Ana Soler Sanchiz, an agricultural engineer from Albacete and a member of the Albacete Association of Agricultural Engineers, is the director of this

The VIDARTIS project on the 25th of November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Last Friday we carried out a playful-artistic activity with 2nd and 3rd grade students.Through the VIDARTIS Project promoted by JULIÁN SOLER, the students of these two courses created original and small works of art with a double theme:

The color of Christmas is grape and nothing else, because when we join agriculture and art, the magic of Christmas is born, with our best wishes for the Christmas holidays and may the new year be accompanied by Health and Prosperity.